How to Download Music From YouTube (Android)


Have you ever wanted to download music from YouTube (Android) without using a website? With a simple app, storing songs has never been easier!

download music from youtube on android with newpipe


UPDATE (Dec 31, 2020): Youtube has decided to censor my video. Go here to watch it on LBRY.

UPDATE (Dec 8, 2020): As of now, v0.20.3 works the best. Go here to download that specific version.

There are a handful of people who enjoy the craft of video conversion tools, customizing them to their own liking and making them accessible to many online.

Usually, websites like these accomplish the task with any downloaded video or audio file from YouTube without a sweat.

There's no need in creating an account and having to join a subscription tier to download audio and use the YouTube video converter from it.

This saves a lot of time so that the mp3 music listener can just download what they want from the YouTube video and play the audio, no fuss and mess.

But in the long-run, these websites will end up accumulating a lot of traffic due to the number of users downloading their video from YouTube on the platform.

Too much traffic can hinder download speeds for any user who wishes to process their YouTube video and/or mp3 files within a single click, especially if their audio file size is going to be pretty hefty.

Why are many listening to music on the cloud?

Typically, most musical hotheads wouldn't care for websites that offer something as convenient as the YouTube mp3 converter.

What's even more convenient is being able to listen to your favorite music without having to download any mp3 files onto Android, or even having to search for it endlessly on Google.

Popular platforms that users download such as Spotify have taken over the music industry in a flash.

Nowadays, you'll see people listening in the cloud on their favorite Android or iOS phones instead of using an mp3 converter (not downloading anything).

mp3 player playing music

Who needs to download their music into YouTube mp3 music files on Android when you've got an endless playlist of Ariana Grande from your list of recommendations, no?

Well... the answer to that is: depends.

Storing your music

In reality, downloading music from YouTube isn't really appealing as it used to be.

In the past, people were picky as to what song they would like to download and save since they could run out of storage on their Android.

Others would go out of their way and compress each song so that they can download more content from a YouTube video.

Techniques like these, whether you knew them or not, are still preached by many who don't want to use the cloud for everything, especially to listen to music from YouTube.

If you have a poor connection, then it makes a lot of sense to download your music offline so that it's possible to conserve your data usage of YouTube.

What if there was a YouTube music client on Android that can download and save videos directly without having any connection slowdowns?

Back then, a YouTube app downloading music would have been difficult to reproduce on Android.

YouTube videos were difficult to download and extract information from anything.

Plus, YouTube's API was difficult to integrate for software developers as an app on Android.

But thanks to open-source, it can be done easily on Android!


Newpipe cannot install or download

This usually happens when a new release of Newpipe is available.

Since Newpipe is still under development, many bugs will be present.

Use the 3rd link above to try installing previous versions until you find one that works successfully.

How do I manage NewPipe?

NewPipe is an Android open-source frontend that has direct access to the Youtube website for music and video.

It can be used on any Android phone to download songs into mp3 files with a simple click of a button.

Thanks to it parsing the information that it needs from the YouTube video for it to play the content and discarding the rest, It's a very lightweight app to download music on Android.

Unfortunately, NewPipe is not downloadable through Google Play on any Android device.

It's only available through a FOSS app service called F-Droid, which you can download on Android.

Using F-Droid will help you download and update your apps automatically with any Android device.

Installing F-Droid on an Android device is optional.

If you're not concerned about what F-Droid has to offer on their platform, it is much quicker to just search and download the NewPipe .apk file on Android.

Is there an equivalent for iOS?

Unfortunately, there's no iOS version for the NewPipe YouTube mp3/video downloader.

You can try using video-dl, but apps like these require a jailbroken iPhone, in which case, most users would resort to searching for music from YouTube on a website instead.